Carla Cavina: breaking with stereotypes

In the era of the reinvidation of female film directors, we have seen dozens of images and interviews with female filmmakers  that confirm the struggle for equality that they have  faced in the film industry. 

The Puerto Rican director Carla Cavina (IMDb) knows what it means to be a woman in this industry. Her work is not only limited to directing, since she is also a screenwriter, producer, editor and photographer.  Recently, she gave us an interview, which was conducted by Arilyn Martinez Cora.  

In this interview, Carla remembered how she began her career as a filmmaker. Her journey starts doing photography and then continues with the community theater in Puerto Rico and her desire to tell stories is consolidated through filmmaking.

Carla wrote her first short film entitled "Tienes Fuego", a 45-page script, that took her a year of filming. From there, she has worked on production and post-production most of the time, offering her viewers a clear social message. Additionally, she has dedicated part of her career to develop film workshops for the community with the Cinematic Workshop of Puerto Rico.  

Her films are characterized by a mixture of a decided vision and a marked commitment to break with stereotypes. She is responsible for the film projects "El Cielo de los Ratones" "Nos Conocemos" and "Extra Terrestres".

We invite you to appreciate the complete interview as you can take note on how Carla Cavina does her creative work.

Images:  Latino Film Market