Ever wonder who is behind the scenes of the Latino Film Market?

Arilyn I. Martinez Cora on the left side, Laura Rosado in the middle and Argelis Wesley on the right side.

Arilyn I. Martinez Cora on the left side, Laura Rosado in the middle and Argelis Wesley on the right side.

Meet the Latino Film Market Team


 Arilyn Martínez Cora is the Founder of the Latino Film Market. The concept of Latino Film Market came from the idea of integrating Arilyn’s expertise in the process of filmmaking from pre-production, production, post-production, marketing and promotion. Once a year, Latino Film Market will organize a film market event for filmmakers who do not have movie distribution. This event will allow them to exhibit and sell their Latino films at a low cost. The funds they recover may then be used for their future film projects.

Arilyn is an entrepreneur, film writer, director and producer from Puerto Rico, with a prime interest in promoting and informing the community about the Latino entertainment world, in film, television and online platforms. Her roots are reflected in every one of the projects she embraces.  She focuses on the empowerment of women, and education. Arilyn holds two Bachelor’s degrees in Theatre Arts from the University of Puerto Rico, and Film Production from Brooklyn College, New York City. Her short film The Texture of the Light has received several awards from the film festival circuit in the U.S. Tri-State Area. Currently, she is drafting a feature film.

Living in New York City for over six years has given her the opportunity to meet many different people from other countries. After attending several Latino events, she has come to the realization that many U.S. born Latinos, identify themselves as Latinos, as a result of their parents passing down their history, culture and traditions. One of her main interests is developing or identifying ways to preserve and promote the Latin American culture through educational venues, and the exhibition of films in the United States, and internationally.



Argelis Wesley was born and raised in Panama.  A tourist destination, transit country as well as financial center for Latin America where cultural traditions convene from all over the world. Argelis’ childhood was influenced by cinema. She lived very close to three movie theaters. Her mother took her to watch Disney films with fascinating animations,  Asian martial arts movies, Mexican movies with Cantiflas, and European feature films where she appreciated images and landscapes or captivating Hollywood musicals. Her passion for cinema arose from that point on. Every time when she watches the silver screen, her body travels to magical and far away places.

Argelis holds a bachelor degree in Advertising from the University of Panama. Through a scholarship, she obtained her Master's Degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing from the Interamerican University of Panama. Her professional career has developed by working in banking, maritime transportation, tourism, and financial industry.  

She has lived in the United States for fifteen years. Argelis recognizes that the United States is a country with a wide racial and ethnic diversity. Having lived in Latin America and the United States, has made her aware of the lack of understanding about the Afro-Latin identity. The cinema is the perfect vehicle to close gaps, appreciate the Afro-Latin identity and cultural heritage. She hopes that movie lovers will know the true story and success of Latinos of African descent in Latin America and the United States.  Argelis hopes to bring her passion for film diversity, management and event planning. This commitment was demonstrated at the Theatre Guild of Ancon, where she worked successfully with accomplished film directors and actors. Argelis is thrilled to be part of the Latino Film Market whose staff members, participants, and volunteers are as passionate about LFM’s mission as she is.



Witty, passionate and smart are just a few words to describe Laura Rosado. Laura is the C.E.O for Powerhouse One Entertainment, and the entertainment host of "Somos De Quisqueya" an entertainment and cultural show presented on the MNN channel. From the Bronx, Laura first became interested in pop culture while attending Fordham University. Laura interned at Sony Music and the Red Carpet at Columbia Pictures.

Upon graduating, she went on to work for Latinvision Media in public relations, and interviewing artists/talent such as; Jhoni the Voice, Francheska, Lin Manuel Miranda, among others. In addition, she received a public relations certificate from New York University School for Professional Studies, and is an animal lover.  Laura values the music and she thinks that it is a big component of film.



Social Media Coordinator (Facebook)

Paloma Cabrera is a Graduate of Communications and has an M.A in Film Studies of the University College of London. she had worked with several printed and digital publications related to arts and cinema. After a successful collaboration as a cultural manager at the Instituto Queretano para las Culturas y las Artes, (IQCA), she is currently working for the Mexico City Film Commission.


Alana Morel is currently an undergraduate at Hunter College double majoring in Film and English. She made her first film when she was 17, a short film made for her French cinema class during her senior year of high school.  She heard about the Latino Film Festival through the advisors at Hunter, and thought that not only would this be a great opportunity to gain experience and meet more people in her field, but as a Dominican and Ecuadorian, this a chance for her to contribute to the effort of getting the Latinx voice heard in the entertainment industry. She dreams of becoming one of the first Latina screenwriters to become nominated for an Oscar. 


Arianna Alvarez is a recent graduate from Hunter College and an aspiring television director. Her favorite films are West Side Story and Julieta and wants to someday work for a production company in Madrid, Spain. She is currently working at the Paley Center for Media and as a freelance production assistant..