Passengers in Transit

Directed by Luis Romero

Synopsis: A long road to an uncertain future of a Cuban family (Odalys Valderrama, her two daughters, Claudia and Mirtha and their four grandchildren) who wants to emigrate to the United States. On the way, the family suffers a robbery, however, Odalys arranges herself on foot, by boat, by airplanes and buses to reach the border of Panama to Costa Rica, where her journey was interrupted, because one of his grandchildren, 7-months old born in Ecuador, had no passport. While nearly 3,500 Cuban refugees leave Panama via a humanitarian airlift to Mexico, the family remains in a 'legal limbo' in Panama and the return to Cuba is virtually impossible. 

Category: Best International Latino Documentary   

Film Type: documentary

Runtime: 7 minutes 15 seconds

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