The Fabric of America

Produced by Alyssa Berrios, Merry Hailegeorgies, Gabe Hoekman, Verite Igiraneza, Avi Krishan, Sophie Lucarelli, Juliet Marschall, Juan Ortiz

Synopsis: It's a tough time to be an immigrant in America. Raids against new residents are on the rise, as are deportations that lead to families and communities being torn apart. Green cards are increasingly difficult to obtain, leading many people to stay in the country without proper documentation. Under our broken immigration system, thousands of people are living in fear every day, and peaceful members of society are being targeted as criminals. This film explores the many sides and issues underlying this complex and controversial topic, and shows how these issues manifest locally, in Montgomery County, Maryland.

Category: Best Latino Student Short Film - USA

Film type: Documentary

Runtime: 7 minutes

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