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June 29, 2019

Time/Hora 7:15 PM - 9: 30 PM

"No Es Mi Presidente" (Not My Presidente) is a bilingual music video anthem for resistance in the age of Trump. Inspired by Asili's experience performing at The Women's March on Washington, the video celebrates our long history of social change, as well as the diverse people and tactics on the frontlines of our movements for justice.

Artist: Taína Asili

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Artist: Victoria Batista 8:42


Through the lense of mixed media and original music, Sangre takes a look at the comforts of culture, the expectations of Latinx women in society, and the journey to finally love yourself for who you are.

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Cesar Alejandro Santos, presenting himself as “Alejandro Santos” has always aspired to have his music heard by his peers, and soon the world. Born in New York City, and raised in Altamira, Dominican Republic until adolescence, Alejandro was surrounded by his cultures’ music. Both parents being from the Dominican Republic, he grew up surrounded by his uncles whom were Merengue musicians in the 90s. Music in every sense of the word has been part of his life from the day he was born. He moved to the Bronx, NY as a teenager where, this would change his life drastically.

As Alejandro attended Morris High School, his programs all revolved around music. He began playing instruments and composing music at this time. He then met a group of guys and they formed a group. Alejandro played with several local Bachata and Tipico groups from the Bronx where he began to grow and discover his talents as a musician, song writer and vocalist as something new and different. Musically Inspired by artists such as Luis Fonsi, Sin Banderas and Aventura, Alejandro always knew one day that this is the path he wanted to take.

Alejandro humbly comes forth to the world, to present his EP titled “SEEDS.” The compilation of music consists of a diverse genres, composed by Alejandro. Producers and engineers such as Luigy Muzic, JS, Echo Hits and many more, worked on the EP. The vocal direction and instruction by Daniella Silverio (NYC vocal director and also back up vocalist for Milly Quezada, Ruby Perez, Alex Matos and more). Alejandro’s EP “SEEDS” has surpassed 1 million streams via digital platforms in just six months. You can expect much more from this artist.


Cesar Alejandro Santos se presenta como “Alejandro” con aspiraciones en llevar su música globalmente. Alejandro nació en la ciudad de Nueva York y fue criado en Altamira, Republica Dominicana donde durante su adolescencia fue influenciado por la música y la cultura del país. Con sangre dominicana corriendo por sus venas por ambos lados madre y padre, la música nació junto con él al ver a sus tíos tocar y cantar en agrupaciones de merengue en los 90s. Volviendo a su país de nacimiento para el Bronx, New York luego de su adolescencia, su vida cambio y la música en todo el sentido de la palabra se ha convertido en su respaldo.

Alejandro asistió Morris High School donde su currículo fue dominado por la música. En esta nueva etapa le nació a Alejandro a aprender diversos instrumentos y componer su propia música. Alejandro ha sido integrante de varias agrupaciones de géneros tal como la Bachata y el Merengue Típico. Dichas oportunidades le abrieron el camino para crecer como músico, compositor y vocalista donde encontró un sonido propio. Sus inspiraciones musicales incluyen artistas como Luis Fonsi, Sin Banderas y Aventura.

Con una diversa propuesta musical dicho artista nos presenta su EP titulado SEEDS. Este proyecto consiste de diferentes géneros, escritos por Alejandro. Productores e ingenieros incluyendo Luigy Muzic, JS, Linkon, Echo Hits y varios más han trabajado en este EP. Los vocales dirigido por Daniella Silverio (Instructora de Voces en NYC y vocalista de artistas como Milly Quezada, Ruby Perez, Alex Matos y más). Seeds se puede encontrar en todas plataformas digitales incluyendo Spotify, en cual Seeds llego a pasar más de un millón de reproducciones en solo seis meses, desde su lanzamiento. Pueden esperar mucho más de esta nueva agregación al mundo de la música.

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The Next addition to the Urban Latin Music Movement is a group by the name of Miguell y Jon Q also known as MJQ. The duo, are 1st cousins and their musical background goes all the way back to when they were adolescents. During their childhood, they performed with both their fathers whom had a local group at the time. Both fathers decided to add the two young-ins to attract and make their show a little more interesting. For years it worked out great but as the duo grew older, they believed they had gained enough experience to start their own project.

                      While in school they experimented by forming a number of groups (Los Juveniles, La Banda Jig-E, and 4JL). They Played at local talent shows, Christmas and summer shows, local stores, restaurants, etc... and in doing so they befriended childhood neighbors Max and Lenny (Aventura Members) whom at the time were also on the same quest but on a different genre of music. Years past and Miguell Y Jon Q recorded over 50 songs in all genres of music, but never released any of it commercially because they never had the opportunity to due it properly. Childhood Friends Max and Lenny hit the big time after all the hard work put into their Project and became World Known Latin Sensation Group, Aventura. Jon Q went off to tour with them As a Percussionist and experiment with his newly found talent, Clothing Design. Miguell's Nephew, Toby, was a background singer of Aventura at the time and suggested it would be a great opportunity For the duo to experiment with other things. Miguell began to produce Music for the duo while the other gained some knowledge of what it was like to be out on the road as an artist and networked. A couple of more years past and finally the Duo (Miguell Y Jon Q) alongside Toby got a big break. A manager becomes interested in Toby working on his own project and Toby brings it upon the duo. They decide to form a 5 man Harmonic Urban Group called Solo 5 and propose a Production Project to any producer who would take the time out to focus on this project. They first approach Max and Lenny about the production of a possible album, but the brothers were working on God's Project at the time and had little time for other projects. The manager approaches Solo 5 about a producer who’s interested in the project.

                      So it begins, Solo 5 consisted of Miguell, Jon Q, Juanay, Jaschell and Toby Love, begin to write and co-produce an urban Merengue/Bachata Album for Sony/BMG. The group worked hard on the Album day in and day out. Finally the Album was done and presented to Sony/BMG but many issues and indifferences occurred during negotiations that led to disappointing results. The Album was put out under Toby Love but the group remained as work for hire. Miguell Y Jon Q along with the other members, were thrilled for the opportunity and position they were in, but each envisioned the situation differently.   After 5 years of doing Background vocals for Bachata Extraordinaire Toby Love, the duo decided to pursue their goal and put out their own Album.   With times changing and the digital world taking over, Miguell y JonQ believe that the internet has made it easier for upcoming artists to promote and market their music in the industry. Doing Big Venues with Toby Love during these 5 years, held by radio stations like la Mega 97.9, La Kalle 105.9, and TV’s Telemundo, ESL, Sabado Gigante, Mun2, etc., gave them the experience of performing for large crowds and recognition throughout the world. Miguell & Jon Q have been to Honduras, Ecuador, Puerto Rico, Santo Domingo, Columbia, Italy, Rome, Paris, Amsterdam, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, and all along the US and now seek to do it all over on their own.

                      Miguell Y JoN Q have just dropped their debut, Latin Urban Bachata Single titled "Desde Que Te Vi", Prod by Erwin Duran which is now available for purchase or streaming on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon Play and all social Media store outlets.  For the Past 1 year the duo have been creating what will be the most versatile album ever created by a Latin artist or group.  They have formed their own Company, Dafamz Music LLC., based out of New York with not 1 but 2 Production/Recording studios. The duo have been recording in Dafamz Studios day in day out and are what is believed to be about 85% done. Collaborating with up and coming Producers E. Duran, Tico Mix of NewYork, Descarga Musical, Pedro Valdez, Urban Producer Jtraxx, Eddiel and Max Agende, this album is sure to have a fusion of all genres of music. They have also dropped some mix tape joints collaborating with their up and coming prodigy EQ, which they have performed in festivals, fundraisers, Clubs, and even Baseball's most famous arena Yankee Stadium.   The duo are now working hand and hand with Eclatnetwork 's Rafael Rodriguez , and 2 other Management companies whom they have joined forces with to create the best strategy to bring you the  fans an unforgettable  project.  The quest for the completion of the album continues but until than u can download all their Mixtape tracks for free on their Soundcloud Page.  Check Out these projects along with Miguell Y JonQ's long anticipated album set to drop in 2018. 

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Lizzie Blazquez is a bilingual singer-songwriter, and accomplished musician currently performing around the nation. Her music and performance are regarded as “a fresh face, with a strong heartbeat, and an emotional core of musical talent that can’t be missed”. Lizzie Blazquez is the new breed for the music industry with her in your face pounding approach and her songwriting skills. 

Since Lizzie was a young girl, she learned to master the guitar and music was her passion. Her first YouTube Music video called “Tanto de Nada”, aired on Latin Music Network HTV. Her music crosses multiple music genres including rock, pop, r&b, EDM, etc Lizzie was featured on CNN, Telemundo, NY1 News and more. Lizzie has received significant airplay including hit stations WBON-98.5 FM/La Fiesta, WCWP-88.1 FMand OWWR, Old Westbury Web Radio.

Lizzie’s new music video “Deep Inside Of Me” is getting a lot of attention on social media with 650k plus views on her Facebook page, the video was shot in her adopted hometown of New York including landmarks such as the Statue of Liberty, World Trade Center and more. Lizzie’s hands-on involvement in all aspects of every production makes the product personable and effective for all of her audiences.