Create, showcase and promote Latino content and upcoming filmmakers who do not have movie distribution.


We aim to conduct the Latino Film Market at other national and international venues for upcoming filmmakers interested in establishing themselves in the entertainment industry.


  • Facilitate a space for Latino filmmakers who are eager to network, and acquire the knowledge and tools necessary to promote and distribute their content, where the Latino community is included as the main topic.
  •  Conduct workshops, lectures and panels of discussion by experts from the field, covering the process of filmmaking, and the marketing and promotion of the individual’s creation, and recognizes successful Latino filmmakers.
  • Support and promote the local community of NYC by bringing audiences from the tri-state area, other states and countries.
  • Preserve and promote the Latin American culture through film exhibition, events and education in the United States and abroad.
  • Provide essential information to individuals interested in pursuing a film career via workshops and lectures conducted by successful Latino filmmakers.
  • Support upcoming Latino filmmakers by building their personal brand from a professional perspective.
  • Recognize Latino filmmakers for their lifetime contributions.